Direct & Indirect Taxation

Direct & Indirect Taxation

We offer a full range of taxation services. Our taxation consulting division is nationally recognised and we offer advice based on proven knowledge and experience. Our proactive approach ensures to deliver consistent service and build solid relationships that stand the test of time.


Taxation can be a major cost to your business. We will work with you to minimise your tax and help you achieve your key objectives by working on following areas:.

  • Income & Corporate Taxation
  • International Taxation
  • Transfer Pricing
  • Tax Deducted at source (TDS)
  • GST


We hold an expertise in practicing both income & corporate taxation matters in assistance with providing wide range of tax services throughout the year. In support with our legal advisors & chartered accountants, we keep our clients updated with all those tax laws and legislations that help them towards understanding crucial tax planning opportunities.

Taxation can be a major cost to your business. We will work with you to minimise your tax and help you achieve your key objectives by working on following areas:

  • Consultancy on various intricate matters pertaining to Income tax.
  • Effective Tax Management and Advisory Services.
  • Designing / restructuring salary structure to minimize tax burden.
  • Obtaining Advance tax Rulings.
  • Obtaining No Objection Certificates from Income Tax department.
  • Obtaining PAN for assessees, employees etc.
  • Advance tax estimation and deposit.
  • Assessing the liability towards deferred taxes.
  • Providing regular updates on amendments, circulars, notifications & judgments.
  • Preparing & Filing Income Tax returns for all kinds of assesses.
  • Liaison with Income tax department for rectification, assessment, obtaining refunds etc.
  • Expertise in complicated direct tax assessments.
  • Filing and pleading appeals under various provisions of IT Act.
  • Special expertise in search, seizure and prosecution litigation.
  • Advice on future tax implications in respect of the potential acquisition.
  • Opinions on the various Double Tax Avoidance Agreement related issues.
  • Settlement of various issues raised under FEMA.


Whether planning to expand into new jurisdictions or thinking of managing treasury functions globally, international taxation services can help.

Tax and revenue authorities around the world are getting sophisticated, To compete, survive and expand in today's globalised market; it becomes a must to keep accelerating the need of international tax planning to minimize tax costs, Initiating international tax planning services with us help facing challenges and complexities that all begins just as you think of initiating business.


  • Formulate effective and tax-efficient strategies for investments
  • Maximize benefits by minimizing tax liability at the same time
  • Keep abreast with frequent changes, amendments that are taking place
  • Information return for foreign parents and affiliates
  • Reduce complexity that you face when doing business abroad

Our international taxation experts are available to discuss all your taxation related consulting needs. Contact us for best solutions!


No doubt, in saying that transfer pricing environment is constantly changing, raising not only risks but opportunities also. Transfer pricing involves pricing of assets or services within an organization. The rules to transfer pricing are complex but if identified within time can help generate significant benefits like reduction in overall corporate tax rate by complying with each taxing authorities.

Ensuring an effective transfer strategy means proactive in planning, management of risk documentation and dispute resolution. We recognize our clients with transfer pricing strategies that significantly help adding value to business projects, maximize efficiencies and certainly minimize global tax liabilities.


  • Develop economically supportable transfer pricing policies
  • Help documenting transfer pricing policies
  • Transfer pricing planning
  • Build proactive, pragmatic and well-integrated strategies
  • Implement structure that cope with your business quite well

For more information about transfer pricing, speak with our professional's immediately!


TDS is an acronym of Tax Deducted Source (TDS) which was implemented by the Indian government to collect taxes from sources on the income earned by an individual. TDS can be used as a tool to collect the tax which reduces the chance of tax evasion. It can be deducted direct ly from the earned income or salary rather than at a later date.

As per the provisions of the Income Tax Act , those individuals which are making payments like salary, commission, interest , professional fees, rent and more are enti tled to deduct TDS tax before giving payment and further, the TDS must be submitted to the government.


  • Advice on all matters related to compliance of TDS/TCS provisions.
  • Obtaining Tax Deduction Account Number (TAN).
  • Obtaining Lower rate TDS certificates under Section 195 and Section 197
  • Periodic review of TDS/ Withholding Tax compliance.
  • Computation of monthly TDS.
  • Monthly reconciliation of TDS due and deposited.
  • Monthly deposit of TDS electronically/manually.
  • Issue of monthly/annual TDS certificates.
  • Filing of quarterly E-TDS/Manual Returns.
  • Filing of Correction Statements.
  • TDS assessment.


We can offer accurate, timely assistance in several areas, including:

  • GST Migrations and Registrations
  • Filing of GST Returns (Regular Dealer, Composition Dealer, ISD, Non-Resident, E-Commerce, etc)
  • GST Consultancy/Advisory on various issues of GST
  • Impact Analysis on Business Segments
  • GST Audits as per GST Act, 2017
  • GST Implementation
  • Compilation of Data of Input Tax Credit
  • GST Assessments
  • Assisting in GST Investigations.
  • Transition from Pre-GST to GST Regime
  • Maintenance of Records for Compliance
  • Strategic Business Planning under GST Regime
  • Supplier/Buyer Management
  • GSTN Number Verification Services
  • HSN Code Finder
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